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Everything you wanted to know about Bidets…but were afraid to ask!

April 9, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about Bidets…but were afraid to ask!

Myth #1 : A Bidet is too hard to install. With our easy install units, this concern is a thing of the past. Our bidets come with easy to follow instructions. The install process requires nothing more than what you would find in a normal tool box and works with your existing system.

Myth #2 : I will have to alter my plumbing to have a Bidet. The Bidets we offer work with your existing plumbing. There is no additional drilling or modifications that need to be made to your existing set up. In order to have the added features of the best bidet models, you will need an electric outlet to attach to the electrical unit in the bidet.

Myth #3 : Isn’t electricity and water a bad mixture. Yes, it is! We don’t recommend you dry your hair while in the bathtub. The electrical unit of the Bidet is housed in a protective casing and the cord can and should be run far from any potential water sources.

Myth #4 : Where it is made does not matter. Although true in some retail items, you definitely want to make sure that the Manufacturer has a good reputation for creating a quality product. All the bidets we carry come with a one to two year warranty and were selected due to their attention for craftsmanship.

Myth #5 : Washing your face is more important than washing your privates. Proper cleaning of your sensitive intimate areas is more important than washing your face! When we don’t wash our face, dirt, germs and other impurities that remain can cause minor skin problems. However, neglecting to properly care for your more personal areas can result in much more serious diseases.

Myth #6 : It is too embarrassing having a Bidet! Bidets are popular all around the world outside of America. For decades other cultures have looked to Bidets to make sure they are fresh, clean, and hygienic in some very important areas. The person who learns from all is the wise one. Perhaps there is something important in having a Bidet. Try one, and we think you will agree.

Five steps to get the right gear!

Now that the myths have been properly dispatched, you can choose to follow these five steps and we promise you will find a truly great bidet. Japanese invented the bidet 50 years ago and now 80% of Japanese households have bidets. How could Bidets win such widespread acceptance? Millions of people usually adopt new trends because of a perceived benefit. Following this line of logic, Japanese style bidets must be well manufactured. Now, our one remaining mission is to find the best one for a reasonable price.

1. Know nature of your need: Bidets have the following features, warm water, dryer, heated seat, massage function, two nozzles for women or one nozzle. Do you want gentle cleaning, deep cleaning, strong water pressure or gentle water spray and water temperate control? You need to determine your needs along all these lines to determine your Bidet criteria.

2. Durability or temporary solution: If you need temporary cheap bidets,there are cheap bidets with just a hook up nozzle for existing toilets or some “made in China” solutions. If you need to get more quality for the purposes of more durability, you may need a bidet that can last more than 5-10 years. High quality Bidets can last for more than 10 years, so why not make the investment?

3. Prioritize: Decide which styles and features mean the most to you. Rank them and use the top three or four features criteria to select products within your price range.

4. Visit an online store and see a demonstration of the features in a showroom or in your local plumbing stores. Some bidets are displayed in plumbing stores. Our cardinal rule is “be patient”; the plumbing store might charge more than online stores to cover the actual costs of running and renting the store space. Take advantage of not being taxed because of online e-commerce.

5. Research, research, research. Contact manufacturers for additional information on sizes, specifications, and other information. Study them closely, review tapes, talk to friends, and other experts. Be careful about impulse buying and non-durable electrical component units. These bidets contain electronic components and like all electronics, the may have issues in the future. For this reason, be sure to check out the warranty.

Japanese Bidet

Without a doubt, Japanese bidets can be one of the most critical and expensive consumer products for your home. The right bidet will help you relieve stress, hemorrhoid and constipation problems, while a poor
quality bidet will have you gritting your teeth with more headaches after your initial purchase. The important issues to consider are comfort, durability, water pressure, product specification, color, features, quality, and warranty. The most important thing in buying bidet is having the right features and quality that suits you and your existing toilets. Most brands offers you product specifications and you should measure the specifications whether it is fitting to your toilet or not. Installation is not difficult. It is a matter of inserting one t-shape connector in between pipe connections underneath toilet tank.
Electricity is easy to get in most American bathrooms if you use an extension cord. Most brands come with an installation manual and all necessary kits. A handy man could do the job alone but if that category does not apply; call a plumber in yellow pages. The job itself is inexpensive since it takes less than a half hour.

Making Sense of Japanese bidets

Selecting your bidet based on your need is a good norm for choosing your bidets. However, the bidet is not that cheap and you might want it to last more than your average consumer electronics. Here is a primer on selecting bidets.

Cleansing power

Were going to talk about some sensitive stuff. Bear with us. The cleansing feature is important for people suffering from hemorrhoids or suffering from constipation: the stronger the spray, the better. Some brands
have massage while spraying water and this feature helps the cleansing process. Some brands were designed with weak water pressure and as a result do not fully cleanse causing hemorrhoids or aggravating pre-existing conditions.

Massage Function or Two Nozzles?

Some brands offer a choice of two warm water jets: one for general use and one designed for feminine hygiene. Nozzles retract while not in
use. Two nozzles sound better than a one-nozzle bidet. It is better. The important question is to determine your actual usage. Nozzles designed for feminine hygiene sometimes do not reach their target, so the user must move their body leaning forward or backward. The same thing happens for general use
nozzle. This is due to the personal difference in body shapes or sizes.
Some companies offer you a massage function nozzle that moves back and forth automatically. It is one nozzle. We have found that consumers that have experienced the bidet say that a massaging nozzle that sprays multiple points is better than just two fixed spots by two nozzles. The plain truth is that the massage function feels good and cleanses better.

To Dry or Not to Dry, that is the question?

For a handicapped person or people who suffer from obesity, it is necessary to have a dryer. But believe it or not most users give up on using the drying function since it involves sitting and waiting for a while. It does not hurt to have a dryer but it is not as magical as one might think.

Heated Seat:
The seat has an optional heating function that maintains the
temperature of your choice. This feature is great for chilly mornings in wintertime. This feature is a favorite for early adopters and many experts on bidets prefer this feature to all others.

Is definitely a good feature to have, but the cost is not cheap. The prices range that is more than $650 for the unit with a deodorizer and the purchaser must change filters regularly. The deodorizing unit requires special maintenance. If it is not serviced properly its function can be adversely affected.

The Maxims for the Perfect Purchase
How can I have the perfect bidet? The answer to this question truly depends on your need. Features involving deep cleansing and massage are important since these features allow the bidet to carry out its most essential purpose, cleaning. We have found that other gadgets such as an anti-slam lid or self-cleaning are not as important as cleansing capability and power. Be sure to check out the durability of the electronic components since these components can break down. So our advice is check your warranty!


Finally we have compiled a checklist for you to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

1. Think about quality. You do not want to spend $300- $1000 for junkyelectronic parts that will burn out the circuit board in a month. Some brands from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, and Taiwan have a reputation for burning out more easily. Many outlets for bidets admit that brand new bidets are sold to customers with preexisting problems with the electronic or mechanical components. Quality is important.

2. Find the right retail outlet. Some retail outlets can help you choose your bidet but remember that Internet dealers do not have to charge tax. Some Internet retailers also offer free shipping.

3. If you are not sure, buy the brand with the best warranty. You might need service after 1 year, so a longer warranty can be important.

4. Confer with the Sales Representative and judge their customer service skills. You do not want to deal with dishonest or unethical people for expensive retail items that might require additional servicing. So choose an ethical company with a good customer service philosophy and honest business practices.